Middle School Persuasive Research Paper

This nine-week course is designed to follow Middle School Research Paper 1, but differs in the purpose of the paper the student will compose. This class will walk student writers through a basic persuasive research paper, from the initial stages of developing an opinion statement (thesis) through researching, note-taking, outlining, drafting and revising. As this is an introductory course, students will be limited to a 6-10 page persuasive paper. Although the writing coach will be available to make suggestions and offer direction, the subject matter of the paper will be up to the student.

Note: By selecting different topics, this course may be profitably taken multiple times.

Course Objectives

Students who complete the course will be able to…

  • craft a clear and concise thesis.
  • locate and identify appropriate material for research.
  • use the note card system for taking notes.
  • organize and outline a paper in preparation for a first draft.
  • properly cite sources according to MLA standards.
  • create a properly-formatted Works Cited page.
  • draft an original, researched persuasive paper.
  • respond to coach feedback on their writing through revising and proofreading.
  • improve their persuasive writing across a wide range of broad evaluative areas, including content, style and form.